March 29, 2023
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White Mammoth Expedition

I’ve played through six of Wizards of the Coast’s hardbound D&D campaigns now. I can remember a number of locations, NPCs, and plot elements, but I can only recall a grand total of one holiday. Dragon Heist makes mention of something called Trolltide. Apparently, all that happens is kids go around trick or treating. Grown up adventurers don’t even go to troll parties or anything. I gotta say, that’s not enough for me. That’s why Charmstone Games proudly presents our third release of 2021: White Mammoth Expedition.

White Mammoth Expedition takes place in and around the village of Nautesay, where the citizenry is preparing to celebrate the High Winter Holiday. However, a damper is put on the town’s festivities. An ancient force of nature stirs nearby. The White Mammoth glacier, a semi-sentient geological anomaly, has begun to tear a path towards Nautesay threatening its ultimate doom. A bizarre magical ritual used to hold the glacier at bay, but it has mysteriously started to fail. This is where you and your players come in.

A party of adventurers must embrace the holiday spirit to set things right in the winter wonderland and reforge traditions to last for generations. Save the town and save the season!

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