January 21, 2022

Welcome to Charmstone

So, what is this and why should I care?

Friend, this is the golden age of D&D and TTRGPs in general. You’ve got Critical Role with millions of viewers and a freshly inked Amazon cartoon deal. Stranger Things has foregrounded the hobby, and live games sell out concert halls across the country. An entire universe of Etsy stores and blogs has sprung up, and I think this is all great. There’s no shortage of the content, however…

When I want to waste a little time reading some high-quality written pieces, I’m left a little wanting. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s no shortage of great articles and blog posts about how to balance the fireball spell or the best way to speed up combat at your table. However, I want more nonsense.

By this I mean that I want the migration patterns of Wyverns, recipes for grandpa’s deep Dwarven blue cheese, or the minutes from a city council meeting in a mageocracy. Basically, I wanna get a little weird with it.

So, Charmstone is my mission to give you something fun to read about D&D and TTRPGs. I’m hoping there are more people like me and that you’ll be one of them.

Take it easy for a little while, friend. Let’s have some fun.

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