December 7, 2023

The Willingshire County Revels

If you’ve been following us here at Charmstone at all, you’ve probably seen that we’ve been putting a lot of effort into a D&D charity stream that’s going live tomorrow. If not, here’s all the info:

Charmstone Ren Faire Relief

Now that’s out of the way, we can talk about what to expect from the adventure. Maybe it’s a bit too on the nose, but our one shot will focus on The Willingshire County Revels. The Revels occur every autumn near the small town of Hedelster. However, unlike a simple local fair, the Revels attract adventurers from all across the globe. After spending a summer piling up excess +1 daggers and rings of swimming, heroes congregate to unload their wares and cut loose before hunkering down for the winter. As you can imagine, this type of clientele creates quite the raucous atmosphere.

I’d like to give you a peak at what you can expect to see tomorrow. I couldn’t think of a better place than the major factions that put on this yearly festival.

Order of the Chalice

This benevolent order swears an oath to ease suffering and provide comfort wherever possible. Members include powerful clerics all the way down to initiates, who are often hospitality workers. The order pays special reverence to their departed patriarch, who had an almost preternatural calming presence. But the name of the order he founded comes from one of his most random talents- his ability to effortlessly juggle the most delicate of cups.

In his honor, his disciples crafted the Analeptic Goblet. This artefact surrounds all in it’s vicinity with soothing magic and a pleasing aroma.

During the hectic times of the Revels, they busy themselves tending to any unexpected injuries, supplying provisions, and treating adventurers with unexplained illnesses adventures have contracted from far-flung tombs.

The current leader of Order is Magdelena, one of the wisest religious figures in the realm. She has an almost endless well of patience- perhaps to a fault.

Zwaard Legion

When the mead is flowing, the magic is fizzing, and large groups of powerful adventures congregate, you’re going to need someone to keep the peace. That’s where this band of hardened mercenaries come in. The first thing you’re likely to notice about is their fanciful dress. They’re known for their peacock-like tri-corner hats, their mirror finish breastplates, and their billowy pantaloons. But don’t let their conspicuous dress fool you, the Zwaard legion are as tough as they come.

Although they’re perfectly suited to maintain order, the revels suit them in other ways. In exchange for their service, they’re able to get a cut of the expansive magical weapons trade. They’re also able to drink their fill and feast on the hearty food available.

They take their orders from crafty veteran, Captain Brotziet. He’s a stern man, who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He certainly won’t tolerate any trouble from partying revelers.

The Zwaard Legion’s prized artifact is the Singing Sword. Although it’s exact properties are unknown, it’s said to be especially effective at defeating mages. Call it hubris or confidence, the Legion has put this weapon up for grabs as the grand prize of the Turtle Jousts, which they have won every year for as long as anyone can remember.

Bijou Guild

While not magically inclined or martially formidable, the Bijou Guild is nevertheless extremely powerful. Their members control almost all commerce and entertainment at the Revels and operate as an unofficial wing of the duchess’ treasury ministry. If any money changes hands, rest assured they know about it. Crossing them may not land you in a fight immediately, but rest assured one of their operatives will make you regret it.

They are led by Duchess Esme, famous for the Prismatic Coin she wears around her neck. After making a brief appearance among the common rabble, she retreats to her lavish private stage where cortiers vie for her attention and favor.

Wand Keepers

Finally, we have the wand keepers, who are responsible for making sure none of the powerful magics at the Revels get out of hand. As you can imagine, this is no small task. However large their duties, most members of this faction are themselves quite diminutive. The majority of their ranks are filled by fairies. Their nimble movement and natural arcane aptitude make them extremely well suited for this line of work. It’s impossible for them to be everywhere at once, but you’d swear they’ve found a way to get damn close.

They are led by the stoic Lacuna. Lacuna is a savant wizard, who keeps themself unfathomably busy throughout the event. There’s always new planar lore or rare spells coming through the gates of the Revels, and Lacuna will not let them go unstudied. Lacuna is one of the few major players to keep a semi-permanent residence on the fairgrounds themselves. Although few have seen inside the palatial 10 square foot vacation home.

Now that you know the power players at The Willingshire County Revels, you’ll have a leg up on the unsuspecting party members who’ll be navigating them tomorrow. Since I’m 90% certain none of them will be reading this, you can chide them for their ignorance in the chat.