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RPG Review: Blood Queen’s Defiance (A DM-less Adventure)

First things first: this article is spoiler free. About a week ago, Limitless Adventure Games announced a Kickstarter for their new 5e DM-less adventure: Journey to Beryl’s Reach. Thing is, a game without a DM usually wouldn’t appeal to me. I would probably classify myself first as a game master, and a RPG player character […]

The Worst Ancient Greece Has to Offer: Fantasy Races

I’ve been playing a good deal of Magic: The Gathering recently. If you haven’t, the current set is themed after Ancient Greece. It’s filled with hydras, oracles, demigods- pretty much everything you need for an epic Hellenistic setting. And like Wizard’s of the Coast have done with their Ravnica setting, they’re releasing a D&D source […]