September 23, 2023
Link to article: RPG News 11/1/21

RPG News 11/1/21

Tomb Raider RPG

Square Enix has announced an official Tomb Raider tabletop roleplaying game as a part of their 25th anniversary celebration of the franchise. The publisher has stated the game will center on exploration and investigative elements. The rpg system has been developed behind the scenes by senior technical designer Matthew Gaston since 2007. Gaston has been worked on the mainline franchise as senior software engineer for the 2013 reboot and was a lead player programmer on its 2015 sequel. 

No firm release date has been announced, but Square Enix has said the core rulebook and first adventure, Mark of the Phoenix, will be out later this year.

Cy_Borg Kickstarter Launched

Image credit: Free Press Publishing

Free League Publishing, makers of the dark fantasy game Mörk Borg, have announced a Kickstarter campaign for their new project Cy_Borg. Cy_Borg is to be a “nano-infested doomsday RPG where cybernetic misfits and punks are raging against a relentless corporate hell.” It will be both based on and compatible with the multi-award-winning Mörk Borg system and will include an introductory scenario and 160-page core book.

No release date has been announced but the Kickstarter is being followed by over 4,500 at time of writing.

SideQuest Event Launch

SideQuest is a crowdfunding and promotion network designed to help independent creators gain broader support. They list their mission objectives as to “Bring indie creators together to advertise their work as a community,” and, “promote independent works through networking and grass-roots publishing.” The site will be featuring projects throughout the month of November. 19 projects are currently being boosted on their homepage.