December 6, 2023

RPG News 10/11/21

Cowboy Bebop RPG Announced

Don’t Panic Games and Mana Project Studio have announced a collaboration to adapt the classic anime Cowboy Bebop into a TTRPG. The pair has said they hope books will ship in late 2022 pending a successful Kickstarter campaign. Given the popularity of the intellectual property and the upcoming Netflix adaptation, there’s little doubt the project will obtain adequate funding.

Mockup provided in the press release

The Orr Report on Roll20

The Orr Group, who periodically releases data on the usage of Roll20, recently released some high-level findings about game popularity for the second quarter of 2021. Their first key takeaway was that D&D 5e is maintaining its position of dominance with over 50% of campaigns using it. The next largest block was the somewhat unhelpfully labeled “uncategorized” campaigns with about 20%. Call of Cthulhu saw strong growth, moving from 10.95% to 16.3%. Pathfinder’s second edition continues to lag behind its original edition with the latter holding about twice as many campaigns, 3.4% to 1.8% respectively.

Spelljammer Races in 5e

As they are wont to do, Wizards of the Coast unearthed some more arcana recently. The “Travellers of the Multiverse” playtest material contains several new playable races including the astral elf, autognome, and plasmoid. This has fueled speculation about a potential supplement book based on the Spelljammer setting, as WoTC has promised to announce the latest book later this week.