December 7, 2023


White Mammoth Expedition

Need a vacation? Come to scenic Nautesay nestled near the majestic White Mammoth glacier! Enjoy generations-old holiday traditions with no evil spirits! Well, almost no evil spirits…

In this roleplay heavy adventure, adaptable for characters level 1-5, you navigate peculiar institutions, traverse snow-covered terrain, and placate the restless essence of a semi-conscious glacier.

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Link to purchase the 5e adventure "Mansion of the Minimizing Mage" of Dungeon Masters Guild dot com.

Mansion of the Minimizing Mage

Honey, I shrunk the party! In this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game, four to five 3rd level characters are shrunk by a dastardly wizard to mere inches tall. They must navigate the evil mage’s dilapidated mansion trying to find a way to reverse his baleful magic. All the while, the party must contend with the rats, homunculi, and various mutants prowling the corridors. Sometimes life’s smallest problems are the most deadly. Compatible with 5e.

$1.99 On Dungeon Master’s Guild

Link to purchase the 5e supplement "Ballyfos' Inventory of Minor Magic Items" Dungeon Masters Guild dot com.

Ballyfos’ Inventory of Minor Magic Items

Fill your treasure hoards and arcane shops with delightful magical items balanced for low-level players! Ballyfos’ Inventory of Minor Magic Items is a supplement for D&D 5e featuring 37 unique, enchanted trinkets to enrich your player’s experience between 1st and 3rd levels. Compatible with 5e.

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