May 19, 2022
Link to article: Mansion of the Minimizing Mage

Mansion of the Minimizing Mage

Image credit: Jake Hunnicutt

First off, I’ve gotta apologize. You haven’t had much tabletop roleplaying, D&D, or any kinda games content from the Charmstone crew the past few weeks. Well, let me show you why.

We’ve been focusing the vast majority of our time finishing our second release, “Mansion of the Minimizing Mage!” MoMM (as we’ve been calling it for short) is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e adventure for four to five third level characters. It began with the working title, “Honey, I Shrunk the Party” back in January. I had one concept I wanted to build the scenario around: what if a party of player characters got shrunk real small?

Image credit: Jake Hunnicutt

The adventure takes place in the dilapidated mansion of an unhinged alchemist named Alzaban Ecoole. Alzaban squandered his family fortune perfecting a strange sort of shrinking magic that seems to flow through the walls of his once opulent manor. The players find themselves on the wrong end of a baleful shrinking spell. They must find a way to survive long enough to reverse this unfortunate effect.

Image credit: Jake Hunnicutt

Along the way, the characters meet odd factions within the house. There’s meek mice, rampaging rats, and a horde of homunculi. Who they befriend or offend will determine if they ever get back to their normal size and escape with their lives.

The adventure is on sale now over at the DMs Guild. We’d love for you to run it for your group and let us know how it goes!

Image credit: Jake Hunnicutt

Next week, we’ll be back with more of our regularly scheduled content.

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