November 28, 2022

Dex Dylan Feature 2/10/2021

Editor’s Note:

On behalf of the Charmstone staff, I must apologize for the presentation of this week’s regularly scheduled feature. As you may know, Dex Dylan has a reputation for unorthodox working habits. Chief among these habits, is Dylan’s preference to send physical (sometimes handwritten) copies of their articles, which are transcribed and presented for your enjoyment. Today’s submission arrived exactly at noon via a private courier, who wore no company logos/insignia and provided no identification. It will soon become clear that heavy modifications have been made to the original work. It is unclear exactly who made these modifications and for what purpose. Dex Dylan was not immediately available for comment. 

I have made the decision to run this submission exactly as I have received it. It is my hope to have a more conventional entry next week.

Dex Dylan is the founder and acting president of the International Society of Astrocryptozoology. For decades, Dex has scoured the skies and seas (and sometimes the land, but honestly it’s so crowded) for hints of unusual life forms, and has done extensive research into the possible existence of chupacabras on Mars.