April 13, 2021


Why the Sword Conquers the Stars

In late 2000, the Dungeons and Dragons movie was released to critical scorn and financial failure. It didn’t even manage to make back it’s relatively meager budget of $33.8 million. A year later, The Phantom Menace released to mixed reviews but was a box office smash, grossing over a billion dollars. Fast forward to today, I was scanning the Q4 game data published by Roll20. Unsurprisingly, D&D 5E reigns supreme there, and it’s not particularly close. 53% of all campaigns on roll20 are D&D. Juxtaposing our movie comparison, Stars Wars (any version) accounts for a paltry 0.72%. Why is it that one of the largest media juggernauts of all time is so thoroughly outclassed in roleplaying popularity?

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